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Dear Claude,

My name is Bijan and I am the father of F. I received your mail today and I could not wait to go home and watch the DVD. Finally, when I played my DVD player and watched it together with my wife, we both had tears in our eyes! Tears of getting nostalgic and remembering our good young days !!

The little boy that you have seen the tape is my older son “Z.” who is 2 years older than F. and obviously F. was not born during that filming. Anyway, we tremendously enjoyed watching this film had a great time later, F. came to Beverly Hills to our home and we watched one more time.

Dear Claude, you have done a GREAT JOB ! And frankly, I think that the film is even better than my original. Remember that this was the first Video Tape of that time 1973 and besides I was not a good filmmaker too ! And therefore you can see a lot of wobbling and bad focusing from me. I am very pleased and happy with the quality of your job and I congratulate you for your excellent accomplishment.

My Best Regards

Bijan A. - U.S.A.


Hi Claude,

Yes I have received the parcel today. Thank you very much.I have seen all DVD. The two DVD with my shooting are very good. You did an excellent job. Bravo !!
Congratulations ! Well done my friend !!!!!!



Alain C.

cassettes SANYO Vcord CCIR

Bonjour Bruno,
Je suis l' homme aux fausses k7 betamax mais vrai Vcord, je voulais te remercier pour la bonne issue de cette affaire, votre collaboration m' a permis de faire connaissance d'un passionné Belge (Claude Vander Cammen ) qui restaure les k7, je viens de les recevoir.

C' est parfait,

bonne fête.

Alain  C.

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