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New Film Format : POLAVISION E-mail

In 1978, the POLAROID Company marketed its own self-processing amateur movie film system targeted to the consumer market, in an attempt to compete with the well long established Super 8. Unfortunately, the POLAVISION system couldn't handle sound.

POLAVISION wasn't a great success and the process fell quickly into oblivion.

Nevertheless, the transfer of your POLAVISION / PHOTOTAPE (Type 608) onto a digital format, as DVD or miniDV is still possible. For any other target formats, feel free to contact us.

See our fees for the POLAVISION films transfer 

The quality we are able to get with our professional telecines is quite good, but it heavily depends on the way your films were stored.

It is possible to copy up to 40 POLAVISION cassettes , or roughly 120 minutes, on a single DVD.

To this day, and in spite of the processed POLAVISION cassettes age, we have been able to transfer all of the cassettes we received. Our fees for the POLAVISION/PHOTOTAPE (type 608) onto DVD or miniDV is as below : 

 1 cassette    35.00 €
 2 cassettes  45.00 €
 3 cassettes  55.00 €
 4 cassettes  65.00 €
 5 cassettes  80.00 €
 6 cassettes  95.00 €
 7 cassettes  110.00 €
 8 cassettes  120.00 €
 9 cassettes  130.00 €
 10 cassettes

 140.00 €

For more than 10 POLAVISION cassettes, contact us.

This price includes a thorough check and assembly of the POLAVISION cassettes, digitizing from your films to MPEG2 (DVD format) and DVD authoring and burning. You can get as many more copies as you want for an additional 6.00 € fee per DVD (excluding the blank disk cost). Please expect a delay of 10 to 25 workdays for the transfer.

The 4.7Gb blank DVD-R with its own DVD-MailBox case is invoiced 2.00 €

Prices do not include the 21% VAT

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 01 December 2009 )
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